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Ocala, Florida
Long story short of Tailwinds Farm
Okay - A little about us and the name.  First off, the name is TAILWINDS. I get lots of calls for trailwinds, tradewinds, etc.
I was raised on thoroughbreds here in Ocala. I was a barn rat that would get up at 3am if it meant being anywhere near a horse. I paid my mucking dues, groomed and eventually became a freelance exercise rider. Later, I spent 3 years in Panama City flying and then I had to get a real job. Pilots don't make so much and I watched my mentor become not so immortal as I thought. RIP to Henry Kenneth Scott ; reitred Royal Air Force; retired US Air Force; one of the best!
Anyway the remainder of my career, I spent  in Washington DC as an air traffic controller. Long story short, I retired and fled back to the warmth of the south.
My daughter was born in Ocala but was raised in the land of ye ole hunt country in northern Virginia. It's a pony hunter queens dream up there with the more traditional shows and foxhunters. We made a lot of great friends that we didn't altogether leave behind.
I still judge in Virginia and get to see our friends and what they're riding now sometimes. If you ever need a connection to northern Virginia, just let me know. I can give you plenty of great stables for buyers, sellers, boarders, trainers and shows.
 Anyway, while I was in Virginia I married the world's greatest pilot, Captain Dan Mock. 
So when we bought a farm in northern Virginia adding to both our commutes to DC airports, we decided on the name of Tailwinds. With our intricate entanglements of aviation and equines we were happy. Then I retired and we fled back to Ocala. We may not stay back in Ocala forever but for now, it's warm again.
Dan and Jan April 15, 1995