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Scotch Pine Zip
aka Memphis Belle
Scotch Pine Zip aka Memphis Belle is a pefectly trained, impeccably bred, 99 AQHA mare! She is trained for showmanship, horsemanship, pleasure, and currently working on trail and patterns for western riding (if we ever get around to going to a AQHA breed show! I never thought I'd love riding western as I had not really done so before Belle but she's so much fun and even on her prissy princess tantrum times, she's still the best!! She's a 9 year old registered quarter horse with papers to die for! Zippo Pine Bar (paternal) and Scotch Bar Time (maternal) are her grandaddies! She's by It's Time To Zip out of Scotch Bar Lilly. She's so well trained that even on my worst days, I can still ride her. I imagine it's more painful for her since she thinks she should be retired in a pink barn wearin' a pink tiara than it is for me! I'll never quit ridin' hunt seat but now I love western too!
Likes : Being pampaered
Dislikes : Ear clipping and long walks on the beach