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THE AVIATOR aka Balarus
A 16.1hh, 19yo chestnut thoroughbred gelding. He's our big old quiet boy that works well on the flat, a little harder over fences and hates to be bothered during breakfast and dinner. Bo loves rolling in mud and hates wearing a fly mask. Bo's racing career ended early as he isn't a leader. He doesn't like to be out in front and will always stay behind the pack on a trail ride.I learned alot riding Bo. He and I won plenty in the pleasure classes and a few over fence hacks. Bo is like a jumbo jet, it takes him a while to get spooled up and he rolls out at least a mile before he stops. One thing is for sure though, Bo knows slow! : ) We miss him down here in Florida but I know he's happy working in the dressage ring and someday he'll retire down here with his own golf cart.....possibly at the villages!(Local humor :D ) UPDATE : After earning a 72% on a USDF level 3 dressage test, Bo passed away during colic surgery in Leesburg, Va. He is forever in our hearts. The Aviator now has his wings and I look forward to seeing him again someday at the rainbow bridge. Tailwinds big guy!