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A few friendly faces.....Present & A few past

This is Joe. Joe was a 10 year old "hybrid trunk dog". He came to us from the trunk of a drunk guy's car. Some man got arrested for drunk driving down the highway and they found Joe, at about 4-6 weeks old, in the trunk of the car. Someone brought him to our farm and asked us to take him. He was about 10 pounds with paws the size of turkey platters and I knew he was going to be a big one! The second picture is of Joe full grown at about 4 years old. Joe was diagnosed with arthritis in his front and back knees at the age of 18 months. The arthritis is due to his fast growth of body mass while a youngster and poor skeletal conformation probably due to his mottled pedigree and possible inbreeding. We love Joe but please, never let your puppy ride in the trunk of a car AND spay and neuter your pets. Special Note: Jan 26 2007 at 6:46p we lost Joe to a brain tumor that shut down his organs. For those of you who don't know Joe, he was a guard dog to the core. He went quickly with only seizures lasting for approximately 16 hours and controlled with phenal barbital. He flat lined at 6:40pm and with a last ditch adreniline shot immediately following, he wagged his tail, his heart drew up three last beats and he past laying in my arms at the vet's. He loved to ride in the truck and he loved the ribs that Cap't Dan would cook for him on the grill. He was the consumate guard dog never backing down and never attacking at whim. Joe had won a photo contest as the barn dog of the year in 2006. Joe broke the mold and he stole our hearts. His only request was for everyone to remember to spay and neuter their pets. Get your pet's their shots and if they suffer from an inoperable problem, please be selfless and let go because as my mom would say, God needed another rose for his garden. And now Joe runs with Schmoozer, Rocky, Annie, Miss Daisy, Sox, Muffin, Cry, Guess, Bobcat, Opium & The Aviator. They await my arrival and Dolly and I await the day we see them again at the rainbow bridge. God bless you Joe. You are a special angel.

This is Daizy the world's laziest dalmation. She is not your hyper type dalmation. She loves to sleep rolled up in a king size comforter no matter what the temperature. Daizy has severe allergies and came to us by way of the pound. She was picked up as a stray dumping trash cans. Daizy is a beautiful dog and very smart. She loves people much more than other dogs and I believe that may by due to her extensive breeding. Daizy has poor abdomenal tone due to overbreeding and sports quite the pot belly, not to worry though, Daizy is now spayed and will not carry puppies ever again. She is estimated to be around 10 yrs old and does many tricks. Her skin stays healthy with regular baths, steroids and antibiotics. She is loyal as the day is long but please spay and neuter your pets. SPEICAL NOTE: MissDaizy passed away of old age complications June 2006. We will always remember your spots and beautiful blue eyes. Rest in peace and tailwinds!

This is dolly. Dolly is a  purebred black dog. She's a pound puppy and was dumped off by her owner who said they could not handle her. Dolly has scars on her head from physical abuse and was not very trusting at first. She is still suspicious of strangers and cowers from them. She loves to bark at horses and jump fences. Dolly is a great companion around the farm and sweet as the day is long. Please help save the world from a large population of purebred black dogs...have your pets spayed or neutered! UPDATE: Dolly , now 10 is the only dog left on Tailwinds. She is adjusting to being the only dog. She never has been and seems to want a playmate now & then. UPDATE: On February 12, 2007 just a couple weeks after losing Joe, 4 puppies approximately 3 weeks old, were found along the railroad tracks by the Morriston, Fl post office which is pretty much the hub of nowhere. One succumbed to flea anemia, one with a broken leg was adopted by a retired small animal vet and we were blessed with the other two, Bear & Chloe. This prompted us to change Dolly's name to THE DOLLY MOMMA - I always said she would have made a great mother and she's bringing these pups along as though they were here own. Their pictures are coming soon. Dolly Momma is estimated to have been born in 98. 

This is Annie, our only registered dog. She is a miniature Yorkshire Terrier, 4 years old and sleeps 23 hours out of every 24. She loves tunneling under the blankies and sleeping all the time! Annie is afraid of everything and everyone. She only weighs about 4 pounds soaking wet and gets lost easily. One time, she saw a mouse eating out of her food bowl and she ran for cover but if the electric man comes to read the meter, she is all guard dog! Annie loves her big brother Joe and is waiting for day that she is as big as him. Joe is so big I don't think he's even seen Annie yet.
*Special note: Annie passed away on Thursday, Dec. 4 2003. She will be greatly missed but has eternal warmth now. Annie was and is a special angel.

Kodi...what can we say. He's a purebred beagle mix up. At 5 months old, Kodi is a handful but Daizy and all her motherly instincts have helped tremendously. He also follows his big brother Joe around and trys to emulate him as much as he can even though Joe gives him the back off warning growl once in a while. To avoid the earth being taken over by purebred beagle mix ups....please spay and neuter your pets. UPDATE: Kodi turned 1 on 1/1/04! He still follows his big brother Joe around and hasn't learned a whole lot this past year except possibly his name. UPDATE: Kodi turned 2 on 1/1/05. Still follows big brother, Joe and has now learned to drag the biggest limbs he can find around the farm even when they don't fit through the gate! Kodi is now 4 and lives in Sabrina & Darrin's farm. He moved in Oct 2006 and Dolly misses his wrestling games. He has recently adopted a new sister Zoey and loves playing, wrestling, being 'in charge' and guarding his new farm.

This was Rocky. He was our first purebred black dog and very faithful. Rocky helped to raise Joe and teach him how to be a really good guard dog. Rocky left us in April of 2000 for reasons unknown. Rest in peace and we'll see you at the Rainbow bridge.

This was Noel. She came to us an overbred miniature dachshund. She had cauliflower ear for reasons unknown. She was elderly and had problems when we acquired her from a former pm breeder who was getting rid of his geriatric and unhealthy dogs. Noel had NO abdominal tone and though she was a proper weight, her belly dragged the ground and she was incontinent and had no bowel control due to overbreeding. She loved to go to the barn and nose around but time took it's toll on her health and she passed away Feb. 99. Noel was a rare and special dog. In the end she was completely blind and had a multitude of health problems. Please breeders, breed responsibly and spay and neuter your pets before they become overburdened with health issues.

This was EddyBear. Ed came to us on foot. He was traveling along the highway and some inconsiderate bully driver, hit him, never breaking or stopping to see what damage Ed had. This was in front of our farm ,of course we took Ed in. Ed had brain damage from lack of oxygen due to a collapsed lung and a suspected severe concussion, along with several broken ribs. He was very obedient but all skin and bones. We had the pleasure of Ed's company for 5 months when he passed away from internal injuries sustained in the hit & run. Please keep track of your dog. Put a tag on them in case they wander off. And by all means please spay and neuter your pets. If they need to travel, let them go Greyhound, never let them hitchhike on any road!

Guess and Hootie are brothers. They are full blooded domestic short hair cats. Guess' ears were removed due to skin cancer but he gets along just fine without them..... cat's never listen to us anyway! He's the one pictured here. The elusive Hootie has yet to be captured on film. I believe they are avid poker players because I see the cigar butts and tuna cans scattered around the front porch. SPECIAL NOTE: Guess passed away of heart failure and stroke in November 2006. He is survived by his elusive brother Hootie and we miss his loud meows and cuddling while watching TV. He is with special company at the Rainbow Bridge and we hope to see him someday. UPDATE: The elusive tuxedo wearing HOOTIE is now pictured. He posed with Joe for the barn photos. Hootie loves chicken livers from Fancy feast and is now our only cat. He lives exclusively indoors and does not miss a meal or an episode of Monk with his favorite airline captain, Dan!

This is Bear and Chloe. They were found along the railroad tracks near the Morriston, Florida post office along with two other siblings. One of their siblings had a broken leg and was taken in by a retired small animal vet. The fourth sibling succumbed to flea anemia complications a week after being rescued. Bear and Chloe were estimated at 3 weeks old in February 2007. They are now a year old but still follow their Dolly Momma and think she is their mother. Dolly adopted them immediately upon their arrival on the farm and she looks after them. Bear and Chloe are now spayed and neutered and are estimated to be over a year old but due to their lousy start in life they are still growing. They remain on a high protein puppy diet and they follow their Dolly Momma's every command. Chloe loves to chew and Bear loves anything with peanut butter. Chloe is good around the horses but Bear took Dolly Momma's habit of chasing them so they are not allowed to go out to the barn. On occassion Chloe goes and Bear gets so jealous, he can hardly contain himself! They came at a good time for Dolly and I, only weeks after we lost Joe. I have to wonder, did Joe send them along for us? Thanx Joe! We'll see you at the rainbow bridge!

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