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Likes - Cheetohs and donuts with pink icing and sprinkles
Dislikes - Horses who don't bow down to his greatness!

Riffraff is a 1968 APHA (American Paint Horse Association) brown and white tobiano gelding. He is a beautiful, colorful horse that is always in charge of everything and everyone anywhere near him. At least he thinks that. He's lost his hearing for the most part over that last 2 years and the sight in his left eye is dwindling but he stills snorts and runs around at mealtimes. Riffraff is a living testament to our theory that if you keep a horse active, even just going for a walk once in a while, it keeps them mentally and physically healthy. That and preventative care is the best way for a horse to live this long. Riffy will be with us forever. He is still kept servicably sound and loves attention and people. He has very few teeth and his diet consists of senior feed soaked to a mash, soaked hay cubes and beet pulp which we call soup. If you have any questions about an aging horse that you may know, feel free to email Riffy. He'll tell you all about it!